I will cherish this learning experience for the rest of my life. I truly cannot put into words the vast amount of valuable knowledge I learned over this seven-day course. Sabrina and Natalie could not have done any better taking us from 0 to 60 in this time. They don't just teach you about massage, they bring everything full circle with real life experiences and challenge your thinking as a therapist to truly help these equine athletes to the very best of our capabilities! The advanced course was game changing, they have taught me to forever look beyond things I would normally overlook and put into perspective many things I hadn't thought of, or known about, even though I've had horses my entire life! The case study portion of the class not only helped me to learn to evaluate different breeds, behaviors, etc but I felt so confident to return home and provide this amazing service to my animals that already given so much of themselves to us! I would make the six-hour trek time and time again to learn all I can from these wonderful ladies!

- Kelli N.


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