Learn the skills to be an Equine Sports Message Therapist at Equissage California! An Equine Career That You Will Love! Do you want a career that offers the satisfaction of helping horses and people? Do you want to work in an environment that is positive and exciting? With the certification and education you will receive at the Equissage California, you can start your own business and your own hours. This is a career that works in the sports equine industry to help horses reach their maximum potential and relieve issues that can help them heal when other treatments failed.

Why Equissage California Certification School?

.       Equine Message Therapy is a rewarding career!
·       Five days of hands-on training.
·       Do case studies, saddle fitting and learn a stretching sequence in our Advanced Class.
·        Our graduates work for many of the top horse facilities around the world.
·       Graduate with valuable hands-on experience and a certificate recognized worldwide! 

The Equissage Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification Program is an intense 5-day course that will cover all aspects of sports massage on the equine athlete and prepare you for a career as an equine health care professional.

The Advanced workshop was designed to take the ESMT skills of an Equissage graduate to another level. We have added hands-on, real-life experiences with our case studies where students learn collectively from all the horses in the study.  

Combines the Equissage 5-day ESMT certification course with Equissage California’s Advanced Workshop.  Once we complete the certification process, we roll right into the advanced workshop.

Equissage California is committed to creating a certification program accessible to everyone. We recognize that being away from your job and family for a week can be difficult. For that reason, we offer an online certification course that you can complete from your own barn!


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