The Equissage Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification Program is an intense 5-day course that will cover all aspects of sports massage on the equine athlete and prepare you for a career as an equine health care professional. In this course, a major emphasis is placed on the application of the sports massage strokes, techniques, and the Equissage sequence. Students will learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the equine muscular system as well as the basic anatomy of the horse as it pertains to massage.   Students will also learn to be aware of the specific conditions which may affect the horse if those muscles become strained, pulled, tired, tense, sore, or not adequately nourished through blood and lymphatic circulation. Students will learn how to identify these problem areas and how to restore the body’s natural musculoskeletal balance.

Some of the other topics we cover include safety, the many benefits of massage, listening to the horse, proper business practices, marketing your services, soap notes, contraindications and quite a bit more.  The coursework takes place Monday through Friday at REINS Therapeutic Riding Center. We spend a lot of time in the classroom, as well as many hours in the barn demonstrating and practicing the sports massage strokes and the Equissage massage sequence.

Tuition is $1,575 and requires a $300 deposit to reserve your space. 

Deposits are transferable between on-site courses. Deposits will only be held for 1 year, and there is a transfer fee if less than 1-month notice is given. Deposits are not transferable to the online course, nor are they transferable between students. 

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