A few words from our Graduates 


Hi Sabrina!

I wanted to tell you that I have been working on my own horse Gigi and have found out that she was super sensitive in her withers, neck, hip and pretty much all of her hind end. :( Lots of spasms. She is really tight in her hind end too. After two massages she is doing much better though. Her withers are still spasming so I will probably work on her again tomorrow. I posted on my facebook about it, but I'll tell you here, after I massaged her, then warmed her up in the round pen, then stretched her I worked her again in the round pen. She was hesitant at first (she was tossing her head before transitioning into a lope when warming up) she all of a sudden sprinted!!! She has never done that, ever! She was nickering while doing it too. She did this both ways without much pressure from me. She did it again the second day I massaged her and stretched her too. I was so happy to see her run like that. She seemed like she was surprised to find that she felt much better. Now I am working on getting a saddle that fits better so I don't undo all my work!! haha. I have been working hard trying to start networking and meeting potential clients.

Thank you again for such a great class! I learned so much and really enjoyed being around horse people for a whole week!! Thank you for sharing so much with us. I look forward to seeing you again sometime!!


Hi Sabrina,
I wanted to thank you for an incredible week; it was just what I wanted and needed! I feel like I've learned so much and will be able to help my own horses and others too.

We had such a great group of women in our class. I feel like they all gave so much. It was good for me to be around them!

I hope you have recovered from the week. I loved it! Thanks again!

Happy riding,

Hi Sabrina! 

Thank you for the awesome class, I feel like I have such a better connection with horses and being able to connect with them during the massage is greater than anything I ever expected. I worked on a horse that tied up 3 days before and he was so tender to touch when I first started but by the end of the



I don't feel I can ever thank you enough but thank you so much again for such an amazing week!



Sorry to take so long getting back to you! It's because I have so much to say and I don't know where to begin. What an amazing week you gave us. Not just the instruction and technique and support, but the inspiration to take our new skills forward in our lives. And you have such a big, enormous heart, and it was you who created such a transformative experience. You are quite a special leader. As I told you, you inspire me so much. You are talented and tough and strong and beautiful and compassionate all at once. 

I have been practicing my massage so much! And Sarah has been up to my ranch once so

So looking forward to getting my certificate in the mail! And I'll stay in touch. Hope this finds you and your family and horses and dogs and kitty and chicken thriving!!!!!!! 

A million thanks, Belinda

What a learning experience!! Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to learn with and am extremely fortunate to have had the chance to learn from a person as knowledgeable and passionate about their work as Sabrina. What I've learned from EQUISSAGE will forever change how I look at a horse. I can't thank you enough.


Good morning sunshine!!!

I hope this email finds you and your family happy and healthy!!

First, Thank you again for the advice you gave me regarding laminitis!!! My little POA, Miss Pony, is doing GREAT!! Even after one massage!!! Just yesterday I visited her, and her spirits were so high!! She is unable to walk due to the pain, put you could see it in her eyes, she was so alert and happy to see me. While massaging her, she would sway back and forth to relieve the pain in her front hoofs, even leaning into my body to relieve tension and pressure from her little feet. Even though she's in pain... her owner even notice her happy disposition!!! 

I just wanted to share with you!!! It was a beautiful experience and I love my Miss Pony so much!! Thank you for allowing us to call you with questions!!! I am so

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to talk to you soon!! Take

Your friend,


Hi Sabrina,

I really had fun, you have created such a comfortable learning environment - and now that it has all settled a bit, I do feel like I learned a lot in this one week. Not just the sequence, but being around horses, hands-on, trying to read them a little. Even the smallest thing, eg brushing, was a big deal for me... finally REAL experience, rather than just the book stuff. And it is so important to me to see that I do have my interest in vet med still in me. I had some doubts before. 
Thank you for your patience and kindness in sharing your expertise and experience.

Again, thank you so much, I am really grateful for this experience and the little "push" back into working with animals, whatever form it may take in the future. Your encouragement meant a lot to me. Yes, sure many gaps need to be filled, but it does not seem like hard work when my heart is in it and I enjoy it.



What an amazing experience Rita and I both had at Equissage Ca!

I have been manifesting a life working with horses for a long time and

Your home was the perfect setting for learning and healing. 

Thank you for the wonderful experience... keep in touch!


Hi Sabrina, 

I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you once again for helping me to find this gift that has been given me to be of service and help give back to God's beautiful animals. The day after returning home from taking your class I gave my mare her first massage. At least it's her first that I am aware of. For about the last 5 months she's had a very stiff right hand turn. No bend at all. I was excited to do her massage expecting to find problems in the neck area. To my surprise, it was actually her back that was extremely touchy. It was touchy to the point that I even had to use compression rather than percussion to open and close. There is no mistake that I massaged the horse that I did before working on my own mare. To watch her eyes go from "ouch" to "
We have never been very good at any of the pole events. We ran so well together that night...key word: together. I just couldn't believe how soft and supple she was either. We ended up taking home High Point. Our very first one ever. It still did not dawn on me until 2 days later...the area's that were so sore were the Latissimus and Longissimus
I am going to be doing my first 2

Thank you once again, Tina Glidden 


I just wanted to thank you for teaching me so much! I learned a lot, and I can't wait to work on more horses. I really enjoyed the program and had a great time with you guys! Thanks again :) 

Aloha, Ashley

Dear Sabrina,

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your wonderful school!  Learning equine sports massage has been nothing less than amazing!  I am so glad I attended your school in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

From your warm, professional indoor classroom to the breathtaking view by the

Upon completion of your course, I could not wait to work on these magnificent animals.  To date, I have found equine sports massage to be nothing less than fulfilling and enjoyable!  

Thank you for extending your knowledge and passion through a classroom setting for all to enjoy!

J. Williams


The article on Colic in the newsletter reminded me I wanted to tell you that the colic sequence has worked several times on my own mare in the last couple of months. Although I've owned her for 6 years and she has never been a



I did a full body massage on my gelding Louie last weekend. He has been "off" for over a year. He has had x-rays and they found a small bone spur in his pastern joint but I have felt for months now that something else was going on. He normally starts out short stridden on the left and works out of it. But when he canters on the left lead I know he is uncomfortable and he will start sneezing after about a lap. Sneezing is his sign of being unhappy. So I got him out Friday and lunged him and he looked better than he has for well over a year. My trainer said he looked really good on Wednesday when she got him out too. I rode him yesterday and he didn't start out stiff and when we cantered on the left lead, he felt just like the right lead and there was no sneezing. So Amazing!! When I massage him last weekend he was trying to bite me the whole time I did his front end and was really pawing on several spots. I did him again today and he only tried to bite me in a few areas and only pawed on the ant pecs and in the lower

So just having now the ability to help my own horse has made the class so worth it!!


Our vet gave us Sabrina’s name and number. As my trust level in my vet is very high and he does not often offer such resounding endorsements, I knew she had to be great. Little did I know how great.

Within one treatment my horses changed. I was stunned. There was a  dramatic change in their muscles and disappearance of many of the ‘bunchings’ and striations. My geldings neck ‘filled out’.
All of my horses are moving so much easier. I had her work on our little
We have just started on a regular program and my connection and communication with my horses


Lisa Dee
Vista Caballo


This class was MORE amazing that I had imagined and THAT was hard to beat. Thank you for the gift of YOU and your knowledge and patience. I hope you are having a wonderful ride this weekend and can relax a bit.


Hey Sabrina,

I gave my horse her first massage today and she loved it! I was right, she does have a lot of tension and spasms in her withers and she was very good at reacting when I found a sore spot, but as soon as I began applying direct pressure she would lower her head and close her eyes again. I am so excited to begin working on more horses in the Yuma area and actually already have someone who wants me to massage some of her ponies by the end of the week. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher! Its so great to not even be out of highschool and start my own business.



I wanted to formally thank you for the wonderful week we shared. You have an amazing gift, a very calming spirit and love just pours out of you. You put me at ease and you were very patient as well. I look forward to seeing you again. Please let me know when I can come back and shadow you, help with any projects or assist when you visit the shelters.