Some of the Equissage California Clients

*Discounts are offered for clients of OKL Eventing as well as Pony Club Members.

Equissage California assistant instructor, Natalie Kohoutek, is available for Equine Bodywork in San Diego and Orange Counties. Natalie has been a certified E.S.M.T. since 2010 and has been around horses since the age of 5. She is lucky enough to have grown up in the family business of Equine bodywork. Natalie is currently working on another certification in Equine Kinesiology Taping and is always learning new ways to help horses stay happy, sound, and perform their best. 


Equissage Certified Equine Sports Massage 

This is a proven sequence taught to all Equissage graduates that ensures optimal effectiveness, safety, and relaxation for your horse. Approximately 1 hour but will 

be adjusted based on each individual horse. 

Equissage Certified Stretching Sequence

 A proven stretching sequence that will stretch every area of the horse following the massage.


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