5 Day Certification 

          The Equissage Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification Program is an intense 5-day course that will cover all aspects of sports massage on the equine athlete and prepare you for a career as an equine health care professional. In this course, a major emphasis is placed on the application of the sports massage 
strokes, techniques, and the Equissage sequence. Students will learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the equine muscular system as well as the basic anatomy of the horse as it pertains to massage.  

          Students will also learn to be aware of the specific conditions which may affect the horse if those muscles become strained, pulled, tired, tense, sore, or not adequately nourished through blood and lymphatic circulation. Students will learn how to identify these problem areas and how to restore the body’s natural musculoskeletal balance.

          Some of the other topics we cover include safety, the many benefits of massage, listening to the horse, proper business practices, marketing your services, soap notes, contraindications and quite a bit more.

          We practice on our very appreciative Equine Athletes either here at the ranch or at a local horse rescue. The coursework takes place Monday through Friday at our Equissage facility in Valley Center, California. We spend a lot of time in the classroom, as well as many hours in the barn demonstrating and practicing the sports massage strokes and the Equissage massage sequence.

Tuition is $1295 and requires a $300 deposit to reserve your space. 

ESMT Advanced Workshop

The Advanced workshop was designed to take the ESMT skills of an Equissage graduate to another level. We have added hands-on, real life experiences with our case studies where students learn collectively from all the horses in the study.  Students will also learn two additional services 
they can offer their clients, and an 
in depth stretching sequence as well as saddle fitting services. In this workshop, we also take a deeper look at the business side of things; how to reach your goals in this rewarding field.

Case studies: In this informative and fun hands-on workshop students will take their ESMT skills and apply them to horses with real life issues. We go to either a TherapeuticRidingcenter or to an Equine Rescue and work on case studies together. Each student will be responsible for their own case study. Together we will take a deep look at the 
how, what, and why of each horses condition and demonstrate how 
sports massage can help. The most amazing part of this workshop is not only watching the dramatic and obvious improvements each horse makes, but watching each student truly realize the powerful difference they can make for these horses.

Stretches: Students will learn how to safely and effectively take a horse through a sequence of stretches and core strengthening exercises. This is taught through a combination of text, demonstration, and of course, 
hands on instruction and practice.

Saddle fitting: Students will learn how to properly evaluate and fit a saddle to a horse. Incorrect saddle fit is one of the most common causes of back issues in horses. Gone unrecognized, back pain can lead to many other problems both physical and behavioral. In this part of the course, we focus on the anatomy of the equine back and the anatomy of the saddle and how to properly pair the two. This is taught with a combination of text, demonstration 
andhands on instruction and practice.

Business and Marketing: As though it isn’t already enough, we finish off the workshop with an 
in depth look at what it truly takes to be successful in this field. We all have different goals, and each student will have the opportunity to explore what those goals are for them. This is an open sharing opportunity for students to learn from each other and past students as well. Here we will share trade secrets and focus on what marketing and business plans work well and which work not so well.

Students who participate in this workshop acquire more tools, experience, and confidence and are better prepared to work in this field.

The advanced workshop is a 2-day workshop held on a Monday and Tuesday. Tuition is $995 and requires a $300 deposit to reserve your space. 

"The advanced course was

game changing, they have taught me to forever look beyond things I would normally over look and put into perspective many many things I hadn't thought of, or known about, even though I've had horses my entire life!

The case study portion of the class not only helped me to learn to evaluate different breeds, behaviors, etc but I left feeling so confident to return home and provide this amazing service to these animals that already give so much of themselves to us!"

-Kelli Nichols

The Combo Course

           Combines the Equissage 
5 day ESMT certification course with Equissage California’s Advanced Workshop.  Once we complete the certification process, we roll right into the advanced workshop. This course is fun, challenging and rewarding at the same time.  See the class descriptions above for more details. This is a great option for students who want to take both courses and are traveling from a distance.

          **The Combo Course includes both the 
5 day Certification Course and the Advanced workshop.  The 5 day Certification Course is usually held Monday - Friday with the Advanced course Saturday and Sunday. Please note there are exceptions made. It is possible to enroll in the Combo course and attend each course during a separate month.  If you want to do this, please indicate so on your application or email us separately. 

Tuition is $2095, requires a $600 deposit to reserve your space.